Core Banking
In this Digital transformation era with an extremely dynamic business environment, Banks are at risk of being unable to meet future business needs due to the complexity driven by outdated Technology Platforms, duplicate business processes and procedure hurdles.
By simplifying and transforming their core banking operations, banks can enable a more agile and sustainable business model—and gain 3 key aspects of excellence in performance:
  • • Competitive differentiation
  • • Open & Simplified Products, Systems and Processes
  • • Mastery of execution and delivery
Nurture Core Banking Team offers a comprehensive collection of solutions and services for the Banks across Globe. Through more than 100 successful Projects in core banking across globe, we have helped our clients achieve quick Time to Market Advantage , grow revenue and enhance profitability. Nurture has largest pool of talent and expertise available on Finacle Core Banking (outside OEM) and have helped Banks across the world with record transformational time line , scalability and enhanced Product usage through our Core Banking experts. From Pilot Implementation to Version Migration, from Custom Development to Customization Porting, Report Development to Report Porting, Interface Development to DC-DR Drill , SLA Based Application Support (L2) to UAT support we have delivered all this and more for clients( from 1 Branch to 5000+ Branch Offices) across the globe!
We look forward to working with you to help transform your Products & Services , reduce risk, accelerate results and achieve long-term benefits.
Channel Banking
As the Technology world of Banking is transforming into Truly Digital Experience for the end clients it is imperative for Banks to provide the Power of Banking into Client hands at their own convenience and yet maintain a unified Digital client experience.
Nurture Channel Banking Team offers its expertise and experience to Banks across Globe for assisting them achieve world class User Experience as well as build complex Functionality breadth & depth. The services and solutions are suited for both Retail & Corporate clients with world class security features and responsive as well as user friendly front end. We look forward to working with you to help transform your Products & Services on Digital Channels, improve User Interface, offer Seamless Integration on Digital Platform and achieve your Digital Dream.
Digitalized Services
Banking industry has been undergoing significant level of transformation and digitization has evolved from simple customer service to a full-fledged digital model for driving revenues and enhancing customer interactions & experience. Customer behaviour has changed with the advent of new platforms technologies and social behaviour. Banks need to step up their game and evolve their customer service model by bringing in consistent customer interactions anytime, anywhere, and on any device. To achieve this, they need a well defined digital strategy which encompasses the entire banking value chain end to end without being limited to channel-specific capabilities.

Nurture with its excellent track record, expertise in Banking Domain and High level of Innovation & Flexibility can help you achieve your Digital Dream with exceptional return on Investment.
Application Management & Migration Services
Management of Core Banking Platform with numerous Online & Batch Interfaces , Channel Banking and various 3rd Party Products is extremely critical for Banks. While the uptime of Application is one hygiene factor ability to anticipate issues , take preventive measures and reduced cycle time between Business Teams and Technology delivery is what significantly differentiates Nurture Application Management Services from others. The highly skilled and multi-skilled team deployment has ensured not only in significant cost reduction but also in reducing the dependency for Issues resolution on Product Vendors. Our full fledged Application Management services also helps Bank to achieve Time to Market advantage in new Products roll out.

We also ensure the migration between Applications or within Application is timely seamless and within budgets.
Application Management :
Version Migration :